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Repair & Support for Dell® Computers in Delco,Folsom,PA


Having trouble with your Dell® devices? Our expert advice – “Don’t try to Fix it on your own of you don’t know what you are doing”.


All our technicians are internally qualified to troubleshoot on all Dell® products. With a collective experience of more than 20 years, we have seen all the errors, problems and issues of your Dell® devices. 


We diagnose, understand the root cause and then repair it so that you don’t have to be bothered to call us back time and again for the same issue.


GSK TECHNOLOGIES INC; has been working with you and your computers for the last 7 years and our service stands out through our personalized service principle.


Call 1 888-700-5216  or chat Now and Fix All Problems of your Dell® computers!!



Our Support for Dell® Products includes –

  • Windows Installation and Upgrades

  • Boot issues and Stop Errors

  • Registry issues

  • Problems with Authentication

  • System patches installation and Updates

  • Drivers installation and compatibility issues

  • Optimize PC for better performanceSounds, audio, graphics issues

  • Connectivity issues (Wireless and LAN)·

  • Support for all external peripherals on your Dell® Computer


Some Models of Dell Computers we support

  • Dell® Inspiron (All Models)

  • Dell® Adamo (All Models)Dell®

  • Alienware (All Models)

  • Dell® Studio (All Models)

  • Dell® XPS (All Models)

  • Dell® Vostro (All Models)

  • And many more….


Call us Now at 1888-700-5216 Toll-free  Now and Experience Great Tech Support & Repair!

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