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Serving Delaware County in  PA including Folsom, Ridley, Chester, Media,PA
Service Centre :-
441 Macdade Blvd.Folsom,


  •  GSK TECHNOLOGIES INC. began as a concept for a Computer Consulting & Services company. In today’s competitive market, affordable, reliable and efficient service providers in computer services, although claimed by almost every other company is a challenge. We wanted to change that - the concept became a plan; the plan became a strategy and that gave us the entity we are today.


  • GSK TECHNOLOGIES INC. provides unparalleled services to consumers and business entities through varied techniques using the latest technology and software. We are proud to be able to provide our support services through various mediums such as on-site engineers, on demand great support through the phone and internet to our customers across the US and Canada.


  • GSK TECHNOLOGIES INC. is partnered with various OEM’s such as Acer®, ASUS®, Lenovo®, etc. we are proud to be partnered with McAfee® & Avira® - leading provider of security services around the globe as our preferred security software. GSK TECHNOLOGIES INC. is also a Microsoft® Network  partner and we are pleased to pass on our benefits to the customers.


  • Customer is the King and we abide by this simple rule to keep us at the top always. We boast of one of the highest First Time Resolution Rate in the Industry; our customers are happy to come back to us with more customers and we are happy to help!


  • Our Principles of Honesty, Transparency, Straightforward and Excellence transcend everything else. Our customers are used to our services above standard and we are habitual of outperforming ourselves every time. Please visit us at Folsom, Pennsylvania or call us at +1 888 700 5216 to know more about us. You can write to us at for affiliate partnership.

Brand We Support & Repair

We Proudly visit  Area's

iPhone Repair in Aston PA-19014
iPhone Repair in Chester,PA-19013
iPhone  Repair in Brookhaven,PA-19015
iPhone Repair in Crum Lynn,PA-19022
iPhone Repair in Darby ,PA-19022
iPhone Repair in Drexell Hill,PA-19026
iPhone Repair in Essington ,PA-19029
iPhone Repair in Folcroft,PA-19032
iPhone  Repair in Folsom,PA-19033
iPhone Repair in Milmont Park,PA-19033
iPhone Repair in Gelnolden,PA-19036
iPhone Repair in Glenside,PA-19038
iPhone Repair in Holmes,PA-19043
iPhone Repair in Media,PA-19063
iPhone Repair in Springfield,PA-19064
iPhone Repair in Morton,PA-19070
iPhone Repair in Norwood,PA-19074
iPhone Repairs in Ridley Parik,PA-19078
iPhone Repair in Woodlyn PA-19094
iPhone Repair in Prospect Park PA

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Service Center l

441-Macdade Blvd.Folsom,PA-19033,USA

Hours of Operation l

Monday -Friday :- 10:00 AM -8:00 PM EST 

Saturday :- 11:00 AMP-7:00 PM EST

Sunday :-12:00AM  -6:00 PM EST

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We Accept All major Credit & Debit card

low cost pc repair, laptop screen replacement in folsom,folcroft,darby,millmont park,collingdale,holmes,woodly,crym lyn

Disclaimer :-"GSK TECHNOLOGIES LLC"  is a third party Iindependent service provider and no way affiliated with any brand.

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